The facelift is a popular type of cosmetic surgery

Or plastic surgery that people undergo in order to maintain their younger-looking appearance. As we age, our facial features manifest the years through wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging.

The areas that these are usually seen are around the eyes, the nose, the mouth, and the lower jaw. It is undoubtedly difficult, even impossible to get rid of these just by exercising, eating right, and other methods.

This is why many people turn to plastic surgery to achieve maintenance and change. The operation comes in several different techniques, with the same goal in mind for each. These methods always want to achieve a fresher, younger-looking appearance for the patient. The more advanced the age of the patient; the most likely it is that the technique is a more extensive and encompassing cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery.

Face Lift Full Method

The full facial plastic surgery basically encompasses the entire front side of the individual’s head. Problem areas such as the outer corners of the eyes, the corners of the mouth, and the folds around the nose are treated. Even the chin and the jowls are included in this extensive facelift technique. It is one of the more invasive ways to improve the patient’s appearance and can take a few hours to complete.

This is also the method that is based on the traditional operation in such a way that muscles and tissues are removed, tightened, and snipped to achieve the desired results. Patients for this cosmetic surgery are those who may have extensive damage to their skin due to exposure to the sun as well as more advanced ages.

Face Lift Mini Method

Patients that go for the mini operation are usually younger from those who opt for the full one. The main reason being they do not have a lot of fine lines, sagging and wrinkles at this age. The age for these people is usually around their later forties to early fifties. They are those who believe that it is better to maintain their looks rather than go for an extensive facelift operation later in their more advanced age. Some doctors believe in the same philosophy of maintaining one’s looks rather than actively changing it when one is older. The technique is less extensive and may involve using an endoscope to help the surgeon see which place is better tightened and which are has more fat and tissue to take off. The use of the endoscope limits scarring because smaller incisions are made in less conspicuous places.


This method is a more recent addition to the roster of facelift operations that involves the facial area of the individual. This is said to be the least invasive of all techniques and also have less recovery time than the other methods. The concept behind this is to use “threads” to actually pull the tissues underneath the skin to achieve the desired look. These so-called threads are anchored at strategic places to ensure that they do not come apart or come off.

The facelift has come a long way from what it originally was decades ago. Surgeons have come close to perfecting methods that encourage lower risks and fewer complications.

Types of Cosmetic surgery – Plastic Surgery Procedures

Article Source: Popular Face Lift Techniques.

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