Your Treatment Journey with MTM

As with every well-designed treatment package, the prior planning allows for a smooth travel process to the destination country. An in-country coordinator or wellness concierge will assist you with your daily schedule.

Once registered at the hospital, you will meet with your physician for pre-surgery consultation and required testing. You will remain hospitalized post-procedure and during the physician required recovery period.

If you require additional services not included in your packages such as a longer period of recuperation or physical therapy, your health team can make the necessary arrangements to extend your stay and adjust your treatment package costs, upon your approval.

MTM’s technology provides the step by step planning and support for your treatment journey.

Your health team follows a managed process of planning and detailing issues with transportation, recuperation, therapy, pre-post travel arrangements with; hospitals, doctors, wellness packages, and physician follow-ups.

This MTM managed process starts with planning and ends with your satisfaction.

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