Treatment Package

Putting all the pieces of your information together provides a complete and personalized Treatment Package that is customized in the e-Catalog by destination, travel, service options, and cost.

This Treatment Package example:

A Resort & Spa Health package integrative experience. We gather a team of experts for your health concerns – your Health Team includes medical physicians, a holistic practitioner, a nutritionist, a life management coach and exercise instructors – and they listen to you tell your health history.

The team then develops an individualized health plan. Utilizing the best of conventional and alternative medicine, this is an overall experience that combines the perspectives of several disciplines and is most beneficial for those wanting a comprehensive evaluation and plan to create a healthier life.

The e-Catalog provides by choice, additional specialty consultations, or other products that can be added to this package.

This example package destination is Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Travelers Treatment Package Details – provided for each traveler
  2 A Seven Day Stay for a Premium Executive Health & Fitness Package Retreat
2 General Health Consultation, Exam & Blood Analysis with a Medical Physician
2 Lab Screening: SMAC, Urine, Stool & Pap Smear or PSA
2 Life Coach Counseling – 1 hour
2 General Eye Exam & Consultation with an Ophthalmologist
2 General Dental Exam, X-ray, Cleaning & Consultation with a Dentist
2 Holistic Physician Consultation or Acupuncturist session – 1 hour
2 Seven days stay at a 4-star Premium Wellness Resort – double occupancy suite
2 Welcome fruit drinks and itinerary orientation with your personal Wellness Concierge
2 Use of the resort facilities: swimming pool, gym & meditation lounges/pavilions.
2 Three Daily Meals Gourmet Cuisine (alcohol included in the evenings)
2 Spa Treatments from the Spa Menu over the length of your stay – 6 hours
2 One Weight Loss Body Wrap or Sweat Therapy (Temazcal)
2 Nutritional Therapist evaluation of your diet and recommended plan for your health needs
2 Scheduled Ti Chi, Yoga or a Personal Trainer available each day
2 A Wellness Concierge to guide you through your personalized package at your host destination
2 Round Trip Airfare from a Major International Airport within the USA
2 Transportation to all the package events including arrival and departure from the airport
2 A completed Health Team Assessment within a Private Health Record secured online for each client
2 Local Adventure Tour – by choice ( 5 +/- hour tour)
2 MTM Premium Service Package
optional Additional Treatments and Procedures within the MTM e-Catalog can be added to this custom package

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