Treatment for severe hyponatremia

Treatment for severe hyponatremia Sometimes we come across words that are too complex to understand without knowing their exact definition. Take Hyponatremia, for example, a fancy word for Low Blood Sodium. Though this condition isn’t necessarily prevalent or very common, it is still important to discuss its causes, symptoms associated with it, and how to […]

Discover how to treat RLS in pregnancy

How to treat RLS in pregnancy     It feels like your legs are plugged into an electrical socket and getting all juiced up. A 15% of expecting moms experience this tingling, creeping, and crawling in their feet accompanied by the urge to move them- especially when trying to get a good night’s sleep! Restless […]

Lazy Eye and How to Fix it

Lazy Eye or “Amblyopia”   Sight. One of the essential senses in a human being. For vision to occur, the eyes and brain must work together: the retina sends nerve signals from the back of the eye to the optic nerve, then carries the signal to the brain, where they become interpreted as the things […]

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