MTM CDHC Benefit Support Services

As part of our corporate services, MTM serves small and midsized companies that are self-insured and companies under contract with health insurance companies. Self-insured firms will deal directly with MTM to arrange employee’s medical treatments and travel arrangements.

Companies under contract will use MTM through their health insurer. MTM’s fees are per-employee, per-month, similar to a health insurance premium. Employees may be responsible for a co-pay or deductible, depending on the structure of the health plan. MTM’s Global Health Care Treatment Package includes all medical, travel, and related expenses.

MTM also provides its services to early retirees for whom Medicare coverage is not yet available, to self-insured individuals and to companies that struggle to afford benefits for their employees.

Network Management

MTM’s Provider Network of Health centers of excellence is positioned worldwide. Our providers have international accreditation, board-certified physicians, current medical technology, and English speaking staff experienced in assisting international patients.

Client Management

Our management process is supported by MTM’s technology and Health Team. Each client has an assigned Health Team member or Health Coach who assists in the development of the individualized treatment packages. MTM’s Global Health Care Management process digitally controls and integrates the 14 key steps that ensure a successful medical travel event.

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