Treatment Support Portal

The MTM Treatment Support Portal provides information to help in the process through Global Health Care. Access to education, planning, partners, providers, and costs on the MTM web.

We’d like to get an accurate and complete quote from you as quickly as possible. It is essential that the Treatment Application and Personal Health Record be filled out completely in order for the specialists to properly assess your options and risk for the procedure you are inquiring about.

An MTM Health Coach will email you a preliminary quotation and then your Health Team can begin to design your Treatment Package.

The Treatment Support Portal connects you to:

  • The Treatment Package Application is submitted to Medical Treatments Management for quotations from our provider network of the total cost based on your choices.
  • A Health Record Form or Personal Health Record – PHR will allow the Health Team of medical specialists to evaluate your case.
  • Medical Treatments Management offers a free MTMweb Membership allowing for continual research of your treatment options in the e-Catalog.
  • At no cost a personalized Health Solutions Technology Health Portal that securely organizes the complete Health Team, contracts, itinerary, and more.
  • Medical Treatments Management Global Health Care Network.
  • Medical Treatments Management on-line Web Support.

Health Solutions is a leading technology service and support infrastructure that powers international client information and management within a Global Health Care Network.

When creating your new Health Portal you will be asked to:

  • Complete a Treatment Application.
  • Create a Personal Health Record.
  • Upload related medical files and images of the treatment area.

Confidentiality is part of our goal, to meet or exceed security encryption guidelines, as well as the industry standards for best security practices, your heath portal is served by a secure HTTPS URL. This is known as SSL which uses a cryptographic system that has security keys to encrypt data. Our SSL certificates are encrypted in 2048-bit keys, which exceeds most industry requirements.

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