We have all heard the great tales of the Spanish explorer, Juan Ponce de Leon

And his valiant search for the fountain of youth. These tales filled our history books and become the subjects of adventure stories and movies, increasing our sense of imagination. Well, the fountain of youth may not have been discovered in 1513 when Ponce de Leon traveled the high seas, but it can be found in other ways.

Men and women all over the world value the vitality of life, the radiant glow of youth, and its carefree approach. We try to mimic it in our appearance, the way we eat, exercise, work, and play. We want to stay young, healthy, and full of life as long as possible.


One way to do this is to look young because if we look younger, we will act younger and others will perceive us of discovering our own fountain of youth. In an effort to enhance or maintain our attractiveness, many decide to undergo aesthetic plastic surgery for a more attractive appearance and this is not cheap. In fact, an aesthetic plastic surgery procedure can be quite expensive and it is not likely to be covered by conventional medical insurance. Therefore, the cost is out of pocket.

With the high costs of these surgeries in the United States, Canada, and Europe, an increasing number of people are seeking medical advancements in aesthetic plastic surgery by traveling abroad. And when they do this, the savings can be as big as 50%  of the prices in their own country.

Where do people go for aesthetic plastic surgery? They take their quest for the Fountain of Youth across the high seas, too. Countries like India, Spain, Argentina, Prague, Costa Rica, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, and Mexico offer top facilities with highly qualified professionals.

Many of them deal with these types of surgical needs:

  • Breast implants and augmentation.
  • Liposuction.
  • Facelifts.
  • Brow lifts.
  • Tummy tucks and abdominoplasty.

It is abroad that you can find accredited world-renowned medical organizations with the most experienced surgeons, specialists, and hospitals, each representing a fountain of youth. Patients can receive world-class aesthetic plastic surgery at affordable prices. To help get you there, medical tourism companies offer services from providing surgical options to meet your treatment goals, travel planning, payment plans, pre-arrival preparation, insurances, and aftercare. They can even put together a combination package that includes your aesthetic plastic surgery along with dental work, laser surgery, or other non-surgical treatments.

Aftercare and wellness facilities have become better than ever. Ideally, a patient should return to their doctor after an aesthetic plastic surgery as that surgeon knows the case intimately. However, if the procedure is performed in another country, this could be difficult if you are at home.

The solution? Arrange for the surgery to be at a hospital that is accredited like a hospital from your home country

This allows for you to seek additional care if needed from a local professional as you would for any other care done within your country. The use of global communications and additional technologies allow each physician to communicate with one another, providing the best care for you.

If you’re considering seeking after your own fountain of youth by traveling for aesthetic plastic surgery, then consider all of the options in your home country and abroad. Do your homework. Medical tourism is great if you are already familiar with the country or have done your research which can help you determine if that country is right for you.

Think how wonderful it would be to travel abroad, soak up the culture, and tap your own Fountain of Youth with your aesthetic plastic surgery? You can get away; have some cosmetic work done and come back looking fresh and youthful. Your treatment is just a vacation away.

Additional Resources: Aesthetic Plastic Surgery: The Fountain of Youth Abroad

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