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When your attending physician has authorized you to travel home, your MTM Health Coach will update your health portal and help you update your Personal Health Record (PHR).

This is an important communication tool about your recent treatments, keeping your primary care physician and other post-care specialists informed. When your Treatment Package has been completed and you are ready to return home, a Health Team member will escort you and your relatives to the airport.

Our services continue after your return home. A follow-up call is made upon your return to check on your progress towards recovery.  MTM remains available to facilitate communication between the international healthcare providers and your primary physicians at home.

MTM can help coordinate arrangements with your primary care physician for post-treatment care abroad and at home. This can be arranged through local services, home nurses, and advocates if deemed necessary by you or your doctors. The MTM Health Team continues to support your ongoing health through its Health Team Solutions Center.

Your Health Coach

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