Gold Service

• You receive expert guidance in determining the best international location for treatments. Reaching that decision on your own would require weeks of research.
• Scheduling treatments and making travel arrangements through MTM is faster, enabling you to concentrate on preparation for your trip and your treatments.
• Establishing communication with international healthcare providers can be difficult, time-consuming, and frustrating. MTM provides direct access to our network partners.
Our step by step process is designed as a consumer checklist: it ensures an organized approach to the complicated task of arranging Global Health Care.
• The use of your Personal Health Portal initiated during the pre-screening and patient-qualifying process provides a record of test results and serves as a communication tool for all Health Care providers during treatment, post-care at home, and for your primary care doctor.
• Wellness treatments and travel arrangements are expertly integrated, providing a detailed daily schedule throughout your entire itinerary.

Basic Service Includes:

  1. Consulting Services and Treatment Package creation.
  2. Personal Medical Record providing information for accurate treatments.
  3. An MTM Health Coach personal case manager and MTM Health Portal.
  4. Medical records transfer to physicians for treatment specifics, pricing options, and communication.
  5. Bilingual support & Interpretation assistance if necessary.
  6. Organize financing and support provider payments.
  7. Arrange resort accommodations at 3.5 to 4-star levels.
  8. Assistance with visa and travel documents.
  9. Provide a complete travel information package and itinerary.
  10. Airport support arrival/departure transportation/organizing destination tours and sightseeing.
  11. Arranging an in-country personal concierge for assistance, translation, etc.
  12. Assist in communication with family and home return coordination.

Gold Service upgrades Treatment Package with:

• Pre-operative videoconference with your team & specialist abroad.
• Post-operative videoconference with your team & specialist abroad.
• Wellness concierge at your destination for tours, shopping, etc.
• Extra assistance for the disabled.
• Resort accommodations upgrade to 4.5 to 5-star levels.
• Wellness and Spa packages added pre and post procedures.
• Local & international airline upgrade of time and seating.
• Mobile phone or a telephone card.
• Provide information on culture and customs.
• Post Care Rehabilitation and nursing needs in your destination.
• Personal Palade, Yoga, or Spiritual Class Instructor.
• Personal Wellness Concierge for tours, shopping, etc.
• Travel insurance per individualized policy.
• Complication insurance per individualized policy.

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