The MTM Steps of Service

The MTM Steps of Service start with communication within the Global Health Care Network, providing facilitation of information for free.

The MTM Communication Center where you can inquire, web register on-line or call a Health Coach toll free


Representatives are available for questions and can guide you to a customized Treatment Package. All information is maintained in the strictest confidence.


An MTM Health Coach will contact you to discuss the treatment options of your choice. A minimum of three hospitals, facilities, and specialists will be provided with an estimated cost for your health services. In order to create an accurate assessment of your needs you will be asked to complete a Treatment Application and make available your health records(Personal Health Record). We will assist you using our Health Solutions Technology to securely transfer your digital health records, medical documents, and communications to our network of providers.


Your Health Coach makes the necessary arrangements for your medical records to be reviewed by physicians in the area of your request. Details and costs of your treatment options are provided by the treatment facilities and specialists within your personalized Health Portal. The specialist’s credentials, resume, and medical facility are provided, Additional products and service options, travel and insurance choices can be added to create a customized Treatment Package. Estimated costs can usually be determined within a few days to determine the cost of your complete package.


Interactive conferencing can be arranged between the client and the doctor or doctors chosen with your Treatment Package. This provides the opportunity for you to have an in-depth communication concerning the treatment options you may choose.  This conferencing is arranged at your convenience, in the comfort of your home on the internet or phone. The conference can include a family member and your primary care physician. This conference allows you to talk freely and directly with your physicians, receiving answers to questions and concerns. Assuring continued communication and security each Health Team Member can be added to a client’s private Health Solutions Chatter Group, each given a unique password and username for one of the best communication methods in medical facilitation.

Facilitation services, service levels and MTM Service Options can be added to your Treatment Package. Each product is individually line itemed with a transparent price directly from the provider.

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