The Collective Impact

The Current Healthcare System

Travel for health care has existed for centuries.  In the past, citizens traveled for the knowledge and treatment available at the medical centers in more developed countries.

The Global Health Care Industry

Over more than a generation America has capitalized on the benefits of low-cost labor in other parts of the world. American companies minimize labor costs by outsourcing low-cost technical and call center support services.

The Future Outlook of Global Health Care and Medical Travel

More than one million Americans will travel overseas for medical procedures this year and an increasing number will receive partial payment from their insurer or employer. Paul Keckley, Ph.D., Executive Director of the Deloitte Center for Health Solutions, states that “outbound medical tourism could reach upwards of 1.6 million patients by 2012”.

Consumer Directed Health Care (CDHC)

Consumer Directed Health Care puts the decision of care back in the hands of the individual and the payer, creating a shared cost-controlled environment. Benefits managers, policymakers, employers, and insurers have a growing interest in an insurance approach titled “consumer-directed health care.”

The MTM Global Health Care – CDHC Plan

Combining Global Health Care with Consumer-Directed Health Care and a properly managed program delivers a huge ROI to any existing Corporate Health Plan.

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