Your family’s health is a priority

But so is holding the line on costs, get some money-saving health tips from the internet.

As the family’s chief financial officer, you need to pinch pennies any place you can. As the family medical CEO, you’re also responsible for keeping everyone from the kids to parents and spouses in tip-top health.

But these days, medical bills are gobbling up a bigger share of household budgets. In fact, about 28% of middle-income families are having trouble paying for health care and insurance, according to a 2008 Kaiser Family Foundation poll.

Is it possible to save money on the things we need most?

Yes! Get money-saving health tips from expert penny-pinchers and bloggers for their best money-saving secrets. They are free on the internet to use your social network to discover money-saving health tips.

Let’s start with these 5 great ideas:

1. Vaccinate for free If your kids are on Medicaid, not insured or underinsured (meaning your health plan doesn’t cover shots), they can get free vaccinations from the federal government’s Vaccines for Children Program. Details are at

2. Join a clinical trial: Many medical studies need people for research on chronic diseases, such as diabetes, or common ailments, such as allergies. You’ll get free medication and treatment. In some cases, you’ll be paid. A database of federally funded and private medical trials is at

3. Attend a health fair: Many health fairs offer free or reduced-rate screenings. You’ll get important information about blood pressure or cholesterol levels that may help avoid diabetes and other diseases.

4. Get low-cost ob-gyn checkups:
Women can get inexpensive ob-gyn care and contraception at one of 880 Planned Parenthood clinics around the country. Find one near you at

5. Find free screenings: The Breast and Cervical Cancer Prevention and Treatment Act provide low-income or uninsured women with free or low-cost mammograms, pap tests, pelvic exams, and diagnostic testing if results are abnormal.

Find a clinic near you at the Centers for Disease Control web site.

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