It’s not a secret that the media is supported by corporations

Many of which promote medicinal drugs. And while drug commercials promote everything from cold cures to chronic disease relief, there are those who are looking for other alternative approaches to health, leery of the media’s promotion of conventional medicine.

The Power of Media Over Your Health - Nature VS Money

There are those who challenge the public to search for the connection between your health and the environment.

The Beautiful Truth, a documentary directed by Steve Kroschel, details the educational journey of his teenage son named Garrett who learns there is a correlation between one’s diet and a cure for cancer. Garrett learns that our bodies are designed to ingest certain foods. With the right mix of foods from nature, the body will heal itself from diseases, ailments, and cancer.

Since discovering the healing power of food in 1928, Dr. Max Gerson had numerous accounts of patients being cured of cancer by following his treatment including Dr. Albert Schweitzer.

He believed the human body has the ability to heal itself given proper nutrition.

During his journey, Garrett read A Cancer Therapy by Dr. Max Gerson. The book discusses a natural approach to health that offers a reasonable treatment of cancer and other life-threatening diseases. Garrett learns more about The Gerson Therapy, an 80-year diet of fruits and vegetables.

Dr. Max Gerson warned against processed foods, noting that the soil is our external metabolism. When chemicals are added to the things of nature, it’s not surprising that sickness and cancer are common. Dr. Max Gerson is quoted as saying, “Cancer is easy to cure. The problem is that it’s in people.”

The Beautiful Truth claims that the health industry misleads the public, suppressing information regarding cures in order to gain profitability. Charlotte Gerson, Gerson’s daughter, claims there is too much money to be made in pharmaceuticals for the truth to be told in medical and media circles.

The natural healing method involves the elimination of toxins and strengthening the immune system by way of eating fresh produce and whole foods. Gerson’s therapy, continued by Charlotte Gerson, involves daily juicing, coffee enemas, and the avoidance of foods containing MSG, a harmful neurotoxin, and excitotoxin used to enhance flavor.

The Beautiful Truth also addresses fluoride in water. Before fluoride and processed foods were introduced into traditional dentistry, there were societies with beautiful, cavity-free teeth.

Today, they have all sorts of dental issues including cavities, tooth decay, and tooth loss.

Director Steve Kroschel hopes that viewers of The Beautiful Truth will put enough pressure on government agencies to reexamine their policies and to choose a different approach to health using organic foods. If the public does not pay attention to these details, taking the money issue out of the picture, then the legacy of health for the next generation will be lost.

Kroschel is of the opinion that we have taken for granted in the food we eat and the water we drink. There are so many toxins in what we ingest that we are faced to make changes whether we want to or not.

Kroschel hopes that The Beautiful Truth will be a call to action for the public. He hopes people like you will continue your education and spread the word because your health and life depend on your diet.

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