About 75,000 Iowans shortly will accept bad news in their mailbox

The state’s largest health insurance provider wants to lift their premiums by an average of 9.35 percent. Another 5 states are seeing increases from another health insurance provider.

Health Insurance Rate Hikes


Wellmark Blue Cross / Blue Shield, which writes about three-quarters of a state’s particular health care policies, says “a categorical reason for the boost, is the government is regulating health care, and they’re receiving costly new tests and treatments.

The health insurance provider sought to lift particular policyholders’ rates by 11 percent a year ago. But after reviews by experts and many quarrelsome open hearings, a state commissioner authorized an 8.5 percent increase. The year before, the association lifted such rates 18 percent.

Wellmark Vice President Laura Jackson pronounced her association is seeking ways to assist Iowans with health problems; instead of watching until they turn chronically ill and need pricey treatments. “That’s the kind of a holy grail of what we have to manage,” Jackson said. She remarks on Wellmark’s sponsorship of a program’s efforts to make Iowa the “Healthiest State in the Nation”, and she pronounced that an insurer is operative with health care providers to set up adult health government organizations around states.

The new rate boost would go into effect Apr 1. Some customers’ increases would be higher and some would be lower, depending on age and other particular factors.


The Obama administration proclaimed on Thursday that the rate increases sought by a health insurance provider were unreasonable, and it ordered the insurer to lower them or justify its refusal to do so.

The secretary of health and human services issued the finding against the carrier, Trustmark Life Insurance Company, a unit of Trustmark Mutual Holding Company.

This rate increases will affect nearly 10,000 people in Alabama, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Wyoming.


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