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Compounds in Cooked and Processed Foods that Can Cause Cancer

The genotoxic and carcinogenic potential of these food toxicants have been evaluated regularly by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), which has come to the conclusion that several of these food-borne toxicants present in foods are possibly or probably carcinogenic to humans, based on both high-dose, long-term animal studies and in vitro and in vivo genotoxicity tests. Continue reading

Nutrients in Whole Foods that Protect Against Cancer

VITAMIN A: Strengthens the immune system. Essential for mineral metabolism and endocrine function. Helps detoxify. True vitamin A is found only in animal foods such as cod liver oil; fish and shellfish; and liver, butter and egg yolks from pasture-fed animals. Traditional diets contained ten times more vitamin A than the typical modern American diet. Continue reading

How to Keep Your Brain Young and Healthy

Exercise is number one on the list to keep your brain young and healthy, it is as easy as walking. It is been found that mice that exercised the most experienced greater neuro-development than those mice that were sedentary. Continue reading

How Much Should I Eat?

With expanding waistlines over the past few decades can be due to food portion size. People these days eat much more than they used to and that means that more calories are being ingested that are not burned as quickly. The problem is that many of us have become so used to seeing food displayed in super size portions that we do not realize that it’s more than we need. Continue reading