Want to get fit for the summer and learn how to eat better?

Get ready because there are 25 power foods that claim to help disease prevention, keeping a strong immune system, skin protection, and weight loss or maintenance.

If you’re eating most of them already, then good for you! If not, then head to the closest grocery store, grab a cart and load up!

Egg yolks have tons of essential but hard-to-get nutrients, including choline.

Choline lowers rates of breast cancer (one yolk supplies 25% of your daily need) and provides antioxidants that may help prevent macular degeneration and cataracts.

Eating Greek yogurt is a great way to get calcium, and it’s also rich in immune-boosting bacteria.

Greek yogurt has twice the protein (and 25% of women over 40 don’t get enough) than regular yogurt.

Adding even 1 ounce of lean beef can make a big difference in your body’s ability to absorb iron and with your overall health.

Lean beef is one of the best sources of iron there is and contains plenty of zinc (even minor deficiencies may impair memory) and B vitamins, which help your body turn food into energy.

Usually citrus fruits get all the credit for vitamin C, but did you know that red peppers are actually the best source of vitamin C? This vitamin is known for making skin healthy and adding immunity benefits.

Want to learn more about the other 23 healthy foods and making your summer as healthy as possible?  To learn more Click here

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