Is Medical Tourism Safe?

Medical care “always entails risk. So the proper question to ask is: will the treatment received be at least as good and as safe as that provided domestically? The answer is yes, it will be, if not significantly better. MTM helps clients receive treatment at International Hospitals abroad where the quality of care is typically equal to or superior to what you would receive at home.

What can I do to minimize the possibility of risk?

  • Our international network of healthcare providers includes many of the top hospitals. These hospitals benchmark their performance and their standards, against the very best medical facilities in the United States.
  • Many hospitals in our service network are accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI) this certification indicates the facility meets their demanding practice requirements. JCI is the sister organization of the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO), the U.S. hospital’s certifying body.
  • Many additional facilities in our network are ISQua, TRENT, and ISO accreditation super-specialty hospitals, equipped with the most advanced medical equipment for diagnosis and treatment. These hospitals employ hundreds of highly-trained and specialized surgeons with impeccable credentials.
  • Our Network of Partners also includes many excellent dental clinics, cosmetic surgeons, wellness resorts, and specific specialty treatment centers.
  • Not all international hospitals seek JCI accreditation, and the lack of JCI accreditation is not an indicator of a lack of quality for a medical care facility. However, JCI accreditation demonstrates to patients a hospital’s acceptable compliance with specific standards in ambulatory care, care continuum, clinical laboratory, disease or condition-specific care certification, and medical transport, as well as overall compliance with International Patient Safety Goal requirements. For patients seeking medical care abroad, the JCI accreditation provides a third party quantifiable measure of the standard of care at an otherwise unfamiliar hospital.

Experience and Quality Assurance

Detailed information about all the healthcare facilities in our service network is available to members submitting a Treatment Package Application. MTM provides access to comprehensive information about each hospital and physician. This also includes detailed information about staff doctors, dentists, and plastic surgeons, providing details of their education, specialty training, credentials, professional experience, and treatment specialties.

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The MTM e-Catalog provides specific information on products, packages, providers, and destinations in the network.

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