How to Convert X-Rays to Digital Format

There are several ways to allow your recent X-rays, clinical observations, diagnosis, records, and medical reports (in any format or film type) to become accessible. This provides a physician(s) with a preliminary view of what medical information you already have, it helps confirm the necessary treatment with the physician.

Convert Hot to convert X-Rays to Digital FormatThis is temporary to further review the original or additional requirements of the physician and or surgeon. A CD can be made of the original digital file, from your hospital or your current physician, by your request. This can be provided in a DICOM format and sometimes converted to a jpeg format again by your request. Having both types of file formats is the solution. This information then needs to be converted to a digital format that can be sent by email or stored in a safe online access point or PHR for permitted review. Microsoft Health Vault provides a free solution to security and storage although, there are many paying alternatives.

Paying Conversion Services

X-ray Copy Service

Lackawana X-ray, LLC

Cad / Cam Services, Inc. Medical Department

Let’s dive in to Convert X-Rays to Digital Format

Do It Yourself Methods

X-Rays on a CD in Dicom or .dcm Format

If you have your x-rays in a digital format on a CD,  then you can convert the DICOM  or .DCM images to .jpg images as follows:

Search the CD for any files having “.DCM” as the extension, you could write a search for *.DCM. If that returns files, then those are the ones that you need.

You can then download and install the little viewer “Irfanview” Also download the plugin for “DCM” that is available. Now you will have a perfect viewer and conversion program at your disposal.

Once you have opened the .DCM files from your CD with Irfanview, you can then save all the .DCM files in the popular .JPG format. The created .JPG files (named anything that you prefer) would ideally need to be brought down to a size of around 300Kb or make the width or height less than 600 pixels.  You can use Irfanview to resize the files or a photo editing program.

If you can’t find any DCM files on the CD, then hopefully some program is present on that CD that actually has a viewer and conversion ability.

There are different varieties of software. If yours show a dotted or dashed line around the image, with a small dotted or dashed square in the bottom right corner, then it is an earlier DICOM software versions that you have to click on that square before you could export or save.

Additional Free DICOM Converters

You Convert It – Free media converter

X-Rays in standard film format

You can take a digital camera with you to the doctors and just take photos of the x-rays while they are on the fluorescent viewing box.

You can also take digital photos of the x-ray film by holding the x-rays up to a window.  Put a sheet of white paper behind the x-ray if it is too bright. Choose a window where there is no direct sunlight.

The photos should be sized with either the height or width no greater than about 600 pixels. Use your favorite photo editor to resize the photos.

Save your surgery photos or surgery pictures in a .jpg format and attach it to an email to send to your MTM Health Coach or a doctor.

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