How do I know where to go?

Determining the location to have your medical procedures or wellness treatments is one of the toughest choices to consider. Worldwide there are 10,000’s of global facilities and millions of physicians, doctors, and dentists. The hospital and particular doctor you chose should be based on your research acquired from testimonials, social networks, and most importantly the accreditation of that specialty physician/doctor and hospital.

location to have your medical procedures or wellness treatments

This educated decision will then be narrowed down for your specific needs for certain medical or wellness treatments. This will determine several international locations or countries with the correct hospitals and physicians/doctors that you may choose from.

How much to build your healthcare team? The cost of the procedure should be the second factor in determining where you should go for treatment. Based on your choices of products and service options MTM will provide a comparison of estimated costs for your complete travel expenses and Treatment Package created.

How do I know where to go?

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The MTM e-Catalog provides specific information on products, packages, providers, and destinations in the network.

Review prices across different countries, calculate budgets, build treatment packages, get quotations, and purchase products.

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