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global-health-care-networkMTM’s worldwide products and services follow the standards and guidelines set forth in the bylaws of the Medical Tourism Associations. MTM facilitates quality healthcare with JCI, ISQUA, TRENT and ISO accredited hospitals, comparable smaller specialty hospitals and wellness resorts. MTM will obtain and provide, when possible, the statistics of care provided by these facilities. Hospitals, Physicians and Dentists under your consideration will provide a complete medical Bio: their education, credentials and testimonials.

We provide international health care packages with total package costs, medical estimates, hospital fees, transportation and accommodations...... avoiding hidden costs that can be associated with the entire travel experience, surgery and associated treatments. Our services are provided by professional people with technology to keep the necessary communication in the fore front.

Preliminary and Post virtual consultation using E-health and Telemedicine Technologies

  • Digital Personal Health Record (PHR)
  • Remote Meetings Technologies video conferencing.
  • State of the art communication technology that assures secure records for patients and physicians.
  • A network of physicians that can be scheduled quickly by our team, avoiding delays.
  • Access to travel and complication insurance programs, through our affiliates.
  • Immigration service to assist with passport, visa, immunizations and documentation necessary for travel.
  • Optional alternative health and wellness services.
  • A first class global travel experience
  • Post-care follow up with your Health Coach and Health Team.

The overall service experience is provided in the MTM Service Options that are bundled for the needs and requests of the Client.



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