What should I look for in a Hospital and a Physician?


The Joint Commission is a non-governmental agency that certifies US hospitals. The International branch of the Joint Commission “JCI” certifies international hospitals worldwide that are outside the US health system. These international hospitals have comparable standards to a US hospital. There are several types of accreditation, a hospital or clinic without any form of accreditation is not part of the MTM Network.


Many international hospitals involved in medical tourism outside the United States have been providing services to the local population for a long time. Local reputation is a good indicator of good quality. Some hospitals care only for locals, some care only for international patients and Medical Tourism. Seek hospitals that provide a healthy combination of locals and tourists and have been in the market for several years.


The hospital and specialist you chose should be based on your research of testimonials, social networks, and the procedure statistics for that specialist and your required procedure. Determining your treatment destination is a very important decision. The hospital and physician you chose should be based on the research acquired from testimonials, social networks, and procedure statistics for that physician for that particular treatment. Your research results will then determine multiple locations, hospitals, and physicians. The cost of the procedure will be another important reason for choosing your treatment destination. MTM provides complete comparison costs for your Treatment Package to facilitate your final decision.


The risk of communication failure increases when people do not speak the same language. It is important to verify the percentage of staff and doctors at your treatment facilities who speak your language of choice.


Comparing hospitals and physicians is good practice; past performance is often a reliable predictor of future outcomes. Familiarize yourself with your procedure, known complications, and risk factors. Seek facilities that measure performance and provide statistics. When quality indicators are being measured and are available to consumers it is an indication of quality management at that global facility.

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