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Plastic Surgery in the US 20 Million and Counting

Most people, when they hear “Plastic Surgery” they think Breast augmentation, Liposuction, or maybe a Face Lift. In reality there are several types of Plastic Surgery, including cosmetic, reconstructive, and treatment of burns. Continue reading

Chin Implants Taking Over Number 1 for Plastic Surgery Requests

Nose jobs and Breast Enhancements were the number one and two requested cosmetic procedure. Now Chin plants have become the mainstream procedures that many people electively choose to undergo. Chin augmentation seems to be taking first place, with figures making so called chin plants as the fastest growing plastic surgery procedure. Continue reading

Cosmetic Surgery – Plastic Surgery Face Lift Techniques

The face lift is a popular type of cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery that people undergo in order to maintain their younger looking appearance. As we age, our facial features manifest the years through wrinkles, fine lines and sagging. The areas that these are usually seen are around the eyes, the nose, the mouth and the lower jaw. It is undoubtedly difficult, even impossible to get rid of these just by exercising, eating right and other methods. Continue reading

How Old is Plastic Surgery?

With cosmetic modifications dating back to the ancient Romans and Egyptians, look back at the evolution and modern side effects of body reconstruction. Now Americans spend billions on cosmetic procedures, despite the economy. Continue reading

Aesthetic Plastic Surgery – The Fountain of Youth Abroad

We have all heard the great tales of Spanish explorer, Juan Ponce de Leon, and his valiant search for the Fountain of Youth. These tales filled our history books and become the subjects of adventure stories and movies, increasing our sense of imagination. Well, the Fountain of Youth may not have been discovered in 1513 when Ponce de Leon travelled the high seas, but it can be found in other ways. Continue reading