Nose jobs and Breast Enhancements were the number one and two requested cosmetic procedure

Now chin implants have become the mainstream procedures that many people electively choose to undergo. Chin augmentation seems to be taking first place, with figures making so-called chin plants as the fastest growing plastic surgery procedure.

Experts say that the use of video chat online, the aging baby boomer population, and people who desire to be more attractive to achieve success for themselves, are all reasons for the rise in chin implant popularity. Remarkably, during 2011, the number of people seeking the procedure has grown more than Breast Augmentation, Botox, and Liposuction combined with a 71% overall increase.

Women and men seem to be about even in their desire for a better chin, with around 10,000 chin implants for each sex in 2011. Men increasing 76%, coming in more than women at 66%. In age groups, those over 55 had the greatest number of Chin Implants at nearly 8,500, while those in the 40-54 age group increased the most dramatically at 77%. Reported by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Chin Implants Taking Over Number 1 for Plastic Surgery Requests

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