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US Employers Have No Choice But High Deductible Health Plans

According to the 18th Annual Towers Watson National Business Group on Health Employer Payers, insurers may want to start building up their product lines to include more high-deductible health plans which, according to this new survey, are quickly becoming more popular among employers having few to no other choice. Continue reading

How can Global Health Care benefit my employees?

Benefits with Global Health Care, Medical Travel or Medical Tourism can provide your employees an additional option in their health plans.  A procedure through our Global Provider Network is 40-70% less than US hospital and physician fees including medical and travel costs.  Your employees receive high quality healthcare with access to some of the top hospitals and Physicians in the world. Continue reading

Rapidly Rising Health Insurance Costs Strain Families and Employers

Rapidly rising health insurance costs continue to strain the budgets of U.S. families and employers. The Commonwealth Fund, a private organization has issued a brief analyzes of changes in private employer-based health premiums and deductibles for all states from 2003 to 2010, Continue reading

Employers Revamping Health Benefits for 2012 Employees

With the cost of employee health care benefits expected to increase in 2012 at more than twice the rate of inflation, large U.S. employers are planning to have workers share more of the cost, according to a survey by the National Business Group on Health, a nonprofit association of 329 mostly large U.S. employers. Continue reading

How US Health Care Reform Will Affect Employee Benefits – Health Care – Strategy – Analysis

US health care reform sets in motion the largest change in employer-provided health benefits in the post–World War II era. While the pace and timing are difficult to predict, McKinsey research points to a radical restructuring of employer-sponsored health benefits following the 2010 passage of the Affordable Care Act. Continue reading

Employers – Consumer Directed Health Care – Benefits Management

The recent findings of a 30 percent dropout rate, 50 percent among employers who have greater awareness of the health care reform law, touched a raw nerve at the White House and elsewhere. Critics challenged the methodology and cited lower estimates by other organizations. Presenting other opinions of Employers in Consumer Directed Health Care and Benefits Management. Continue reading