Benefits with Global Health Care, Medical Travel or Medical Tourism can provide your employees with an additional option in their health plans

A procedure through our Global Provider Network is 40-70% less than US hospital and physician fees including medical and travel costs.  Your employees receive high-quality healthcare with access to some of the top hospitals and Physicians in the world.

The employee can make the choice and even take a companion with them. There are no co-pays, co-insurance or deductibles passed onto the employee. There are various types of optional insurances and complication liability coverages that can be implemented so your company can realize real significant savings with minimal risk. The savings can even create an optional possible incentive bonus for the employee depending.

How can my company provide this in a Health Plan?

MTM is unlike any other medical facilitation company in the industry. We provide choices not commissioned direction. Partners and Providers are in your country or abroad, allowing for the best-customized solution to your Health Care and budget needs.

What sets us apart is the ability to choose through the MTM web of partners, providers, managed services, and technology. This platform allows access for all insurers, employers, employees, and individuals to provide turn-key facilitation to do it yourself connections. MTM offers a fixed price per case rates that include air travel, resort, or hotel accommodations with ground transportation for a complete “Treatment Package”, all on a convenient single bill in US dollars.

The MTM Health Team welcomes your inquiry.
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