Laser tattoo removal

Medical technology is providing new tools to fix problems and change the way we receive medical attention. If you wanted to remove a tattoo 20 years ago, you used make-up and wore clothing that covered it.

Now, you can remove unwanted tattoo ink using laser technology. As we enter 2014, expect to hear more about this exciting new development.

New Technology for laser treatments - Tattoo Removal

Lasers are being used for tattoo removal and experimented with to remove atherosclerotic plaques.

Dermatologist Leon Goldman, known as “the father of laser medicine” and founder of the American Society for Lasers in Medicine and Surgery, first used a ruby laser to treat skin disease and remove tattoos.

He is also using lasers for retinal surgery and other surgical applications to simultaneously cut and control blood flow with wound sealing.

The earliest lasers were large, bulky machines, but laser equipment has evolved into smaller devices with the aid of optical fibers. Modern lasers have developed into miniature tools and technological advances have brought the cost of laser equipment down as well.

Throughout the years, lasers have been used in ophthalmology, dermatology, cosmetic surgery, laser imaging, and microscopy. Different lasers emit different types of focused light.

Ruby lasers emit red light, argon lasers emit green light, and excimer lasers emit ultraviolet light.

Additionally, modern medicine uses lasers in urology to treat urinary stones, bladder obstructions, enlarged prostates, and precision in the brain and spinal surgery. Lasers also have applications in veterinary medicine, dentistry, and biomedical research.

Laser tattoo removal

Get a Tattoo Removal with Laser Treatments
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