Who do you think will save your life? The health insurance industry?

Guess again. Fifty million people have none. Fifty million are on Medicaid. Tens of millions have “catastrophic” insurance – something that might work just before personal annihilation.

Invest in Your Health - Your Best Bet Invest In Yourself

Tragically, the healthcare industry cannot deliver much these days except higher costs. It’s so dysfunctional it costs twice as much per person as other developed countries.

What do we get for the money? The rank of 50th in national lifespan. No wonder Warren Buffett calls healthcare the “tapeworm on the American economy.” It performs its job poorly while tanking the nation’s economic competitiveness.

And as people who have the “best” insurance are discovering, it’s paying for less and less – and leaving you steaming on the phone. As costs go up and money gets tighter, expect to spend more time fighting for yourself – on hold.

To innovate in your own life you want to understand one word – regeneration. The body is not a machine that breaks down. It’s an organism that builds up. Your body can get smarter, sleeker, and wiser – if you know what to do. That’s the first promise of regeneration – it lets you take control of your own health.

Follow a few simple steps – steps biologically structured in how your body is built – and you can go a very long way. You can learn your way to real health – physical, mental, social, and spiritual well-being. And you can do it cheaply, simply, and effectively.

Just by following simple, simple rules for what your body is built to do.

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