As the medical field continues to learn about the human body

We begin to understand the importance of wellness. No longer is wellness limited to living without sickness and disease. The concepts of health, well-being, and wellness have taken on a new definition.

What is wellness? As defined by, wellness “is the quality or state of being in good health especially as an actively sought goal lifestyles that promote wellness.” In the traditional school of thought, wellness was limited to eating healthy food and getting a good amount of exercise. Now, we know that there is so much more to being well than that.

Seeking wellness would be to participate in healthy activities that promote a balance for the mind, emotions, and body. The only way to work on the balance of being well is to incorporate it into your lifestyle.

This could include what you put into your body.

Examples of lifestyle choices could include consuming natural/organic foods versus processed foods, smoking or living smoke-free, exercising, or remaining inactive. They can also include alcohol consumption or taking drugs. These are all choices that can stack up over time and contribute positively or negatively to your overall well-being.

What is wellness, research shows that people who consistently opt for healthier habits are more efficient at home and at work as well as have fewer sick days and annual doctor’s office visits. In fact, an article from the Journal of the American Medical Association noted the findings of a study of subjects over a year’s time. They took part in a self-care wellness educational program. The article stipulates that those who made lifestyle choices based on wellness enjoyed a 17% decrease in total medical visits with a 35% decrease in visits for minor illnesses.

How can you enjoy these benefits, live well, and claim your own piece of wellness with healthy habits?

Take ownership of your own health and get started today.

1. Talk with your physician or health care provider about your health and what changes you can make for overall well-being.

2. Set wellness goals and be faithful to stick to them.

3. Take care of the medical ailments you have been putting off. Living with pain and discomfort cannot help you maintain a balance of wellness.

4. Consider therapy or life-coaching for any emotional or social support.

5. If you are a spiritual person, get involved in activities that enhance your beliefs.

6. Visit with a nutritionist to determine what foods maximize your body’s potential.

7. Enlist your family and friends to be “wellness buddies” with you. Working with a partner always provides encouragement and increases your chances of success.

8. Socialize with people who are also well and want to increase wellness in their lives.

9. Take time each day to “wind down” and refresh yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically. This could include mediation, eating three meals a day, getting the recommended 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night, and working out more regularly.

10. Go to the spa on a regular basis or create a spa in your home. Massages, facials, and other spa services can help you look and feel better almost instantly.

11. Attend community classes that can teach and encourage you to live well.

12. Spend time with friends and family. Laugh often as it is good for your body and your soul.

13. Check out your local wellness center. Many wellness center locations can provide you with “one-stop shopping” by offering classes, events, and services customized for you.

14. Get out into nature.

15. Continue to discover new people, places, and things.

16.  Define for yourself “what is wellness?” Your mind will be exercised and your self-esteem and confidence will increase.

By learning how to be well in the well of wellness, you can change your habits and adopt better wellness practices for a greater quality of life. Be well and prosper!

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