Whether you are dealing with a provider directly or going through a facilitator

Be sure to address ALL of your questions and concerns beforehand, and to get a firm estimate/assessment of costs and scheduling – you won’t want to deal with these issues after your procedure so be prepared, and don’t be caught off guard.

Every company has a different policy regarding the length of stay. The ideal length of stay will ensure that there are no complications and that the patient can come back home safely and without surprises. Choosing a company that offers vacation packages can be advantageous but should not distract from the main objective which is the surgery itself.

Equally, hospitals or individual surgeons won’t be as adept at organizing the logistics of travel or accommodation so if you’re not a seasoned traveler it might be advisable to go through a facilitator who takes care of both.

Remember it is perfectly natural to have some anxiety before a major operation, dentistry or cosmetic procedure whether you are having it done in your home town, or abroad, but doing so in a foreign country will raise concerns about safety so ensure you do your research, ask questions and then ask some more until you feel confident that you are in good hands.

If you are happy with the answers given, if you have done all the essential checking of the policy, verified their qualifications and credentials (as advised in this guide), feel comfortable about having the procedure in your chosen country and have done all your calculations so you know exactly what is involved in the cost and feel confident about the surgeon’s abilities then you have probably found the right provider for your procedure.

But if you have any doubts at all at this stage, voice them with the relevant people, or go to another provider.

Article Source: How to compare different providers.

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