The Affordable Care Act was created to not only control the rising costs of health care

But to improve the quality of diagnosis, treatments, and follow up care. Typically, patients find it difficult to know just what constitutes high-quality health care.

How to Compare Health Providers a Provision in the Affordable Care Act

Without easy-to-understand, objective, and clear information, they may never know if and how well their Health Providers measure up.

Therefore, the US government signed into law a program to help Americans compare health providers, doctors, and hospitals according to the quality provided.

One of the tools provided is the Partnership for Patients program which features those providers and hospitals which are committed to eliminating errors, reducing costs, and improving overall health care.

How can you take advantage of such programs?

Online Options

Many websites offer international search programs where you can compare hospitals based on the quality of care. For example, they list those treatments which have been known to produce the best results for conditions such as diabetes, heart attacks, and pneumonia within your own community.

How do I compare Health Providers?

Simply click on a credible website and enter your location – usually city and state. List the area of medicine for which you are searching and watch the patient ratings and reviews fill the page.

Some sites are interactive, allowing you to ask questions. If you’re so inclined, take advantage of this option as the more information you have, the better decision you’ll make for your well being.

What do other patients have to say?

Scroll through reliable surveys and reviews from past patients. Learn about their experiences from the moment the entered the clinic or hospital to the final goodbye from the providers.

Discover what other people are saying and experiencing before putting yourself at the mercy of any hospital, even your favorite.

And don’t forget that you can take it one step further by accessing mortality and remission rates before making a final decision.

Choose your Physician and Other Health Care Providers

The same applies if you are searching for high-quality physicians. Access doctors’ clinical training, medical specialties, and success records. You can also learn if they accept the Medicare-approved amount as full payment or if they speak a foreign language.

Check outpatient recommended tests, the outcome of recommended treatment, experience with other providers, and the overall cost of health care.

While online, look to see about the other health professionals with whom they work.

For example, read up on the nurses, specialty health providers, nutrition services, physical therapists, and physician assistants.

Does this “Compare-A-Provider” program work?

Physicians and hospitals across the country use this information to identify specific areas in which they can improve. They know that patients worldwide can share information with the click of a button, and this encourages them to continue to provide high-quality options.

By shopping and comparing costs, consumers can be in the driver’s seat when it comes to their health care. Local healthcare providers, doctors, and hospitals can compete for your business, which is always good for improving the quality of care nationwide.

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