Work-related stress can come in different forms

And can affect your mind and body in various ways. The little things can make you feel stressed while major stress can come from too much or too little work that isn’t satisfying. Other stress forms can include personnel conflicts.

What causes work-related stress? Most often, it’s the feeling as if you have no control over your job. Other causes include: increased responsibility, lack of job satisfaction and performance, poor communication, lack of support and poor working conditions.

Some stress is considered to be normal. It can be helpful when you need to focus or need a burst of energy. However, too much for a long period of time is unhealthy and can lead to long-term health problems such as heart disease, high blood pressure, back problems, and depression.

Be careful to look at the symptoms of work-related stress. They include headaches, trouble sleeping or concentrating, stomach issues, etc.

To learn more about symptoms, causes and the health risks associated with work-related stress, click here.

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