Got strange Health symptoms?

Stacey Colino might have some answers in her article, “Wierd Symptoms, Explained”.

1. Standing up quickly makes you light-headed – you might be slightly dehydrated or you may have orthostatic hypotension (a.k.a. postural hypotension). Orthostatic hypotension occurs when blood rushes from your head to your feet as you stand up. To fix the problem, drink plenty of fluids and take it slowly when you stand up. If you see stars, reach out for something to stabilize yourself and rest again. You know it’s time to see a doctor if your symptoms continue or you faint.

2. Your urine smells funny – a change in color or odor could be from food or a multi-vitamin. Another possibility could be a new medication or the sign of a urinary-tract infection. Try drinking more fluids to see if the color clears. Should the strange symptoms persist, visiting a doctor is a good idea.

3. You sometimes get a painful swelling under your arm – ingrown hairs or a swollen lymph node could be the culprit. A warm compress applied several times a day should help your symptoms vanish within the week. A doctor can help determine if it is something more serious like a sign of infection, cyst or tumor.

4. Certain situations make your hands sweaty – this happens to everyone who may respond to stress or a case of jitters. Taking a few minutes to relax is always a good idea. If the symptoms persists, a doctor could determine if you have hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) and if medication is needed.

For more strange health symptoms, click here for general health information.

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