Did you know that up to 13% of pregnant women smoke?

Over 4000 chemicals are present in smoke and all of these enter the blood stream and go straight to the baby.

These chemicals, especially carbon monoxide and nicotine, narrow the blood vessels in the umbilical cord, which is the baby’s source of oxygen. If a pregnant woman continues to smoke cigarettes, oxygen deprivation can result in still birth, premature delivery, low birth rate, learning disabilities and a lower I.Q.

If a pregnant woman does not smoke but her partner does, the danger is still present. In fact, pregnant women who are exposed to second-hand cigarette smoke have a 20% greater chance of having an underweight baby.

This danger includes those pregnant women who have excessive exposure to wood fires that produce carbon monoxide. Even thought the immediate threat is lower, the chemicals produced can be harmful to a pregnancy.

To learn more about cigarettes and pregnancy, smoke and your baby then view this video.

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