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Specialty Surgeon Complete Packaged Procedure


Specialty Surgeon Complete Packaged Procedure for Insulin Potentiated Chemotherapy (One Course) in Turkey

At Kemotermi Center chemotherapy, insulin potentiated chemotherapy (IPT), and/or hyperthermia is offered. When a necessary patient is directed to full-fledged surgery and radiation centers.

a) Chemotherapy uses cancer drugs to kill cancer cells. Choice of drugs depends on the type of cancer, on the stage, and grade of cancer. There are three types of chemotherapy: Adjuvant Chemotherapy in early disease or post-surgical period, Neo-adjuvant Chemotherapy in locally advanced disease, and Chemotherapy in Metastatic Disease. There are weekly, bi-weekly, and three weekly chemos. Chemotherapy has two requirements: choice of good medicine effective for the given type of cancer and security measures to decrease the side effects of the drugs.

b) Insulin Potentiated Chemotherapy: Insulin is a hormone that increases the permeability of cancer cells towards the cancer drugs. In this method, the dosage of cancer drugs is reduced to one-fourth of the usual dosage, and side effects like alopecia, nausea, leucopenia, diarrhea, etc., and non-significant. IPT is administered weekly. IPT is preferred by chronic patients who have undergone previously many courses of conventional chemotherapy and despite the treatments have their disease progressed. IPT is chemotherapy that respects the quality of life of the patients.

c) Hyperthermia (HT): HT is a treatment given by means of machines warming the body through electromagnetic waves. It is not a treatment by X-rays. Unlike radiation therapy, it does not harm normal cells and it can be given repeatedly according to the needs of the patient. There are two types of machines; the whole body and the local treatment machine. Patients with widespread disease enter the whole-body machine and those with the localized disease take the local machine. In this treatment, the organs are heated to around 40-42 C degrees. This heat harms the cancer cells by attacking the cell membranes, the DNA, and other parts of the cell. On the other hand, normal cells are resistant to this temperature and are not harmed. HT also stimulates the immune cells such as lymphocytes and monocytes.

HT may be given as a sole treatment or may be combined with chemotherapy, IPT, and radiation therapy. The effectiveness of chemotherapy is increased when combined with HT.

Insulin Potentiated Chemotherapy (One Course) includes surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and hyperthermia.

Not included are diagnostic studies, consultations with additional specialists, and cost of complication management; travel, food, and lodging.

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