IVF Single Try – In Vitro Fertilization


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Specialty Physician Complete Packaged Procedure


IVF Single Try – In Vitro Fertilization Treatment Package by a Specialty Physician in a Facility for IVF – In Vitro Fertilization. This is the most complete and successful procedure, success rates for this procedure increase up to 60% depending on age and circumstances. Conventional or standard IVF treatment involves the administration of fertility drugs, monitoring of the cycle, collection of eggs, mixing eggs and sperm together outside the woman’s body in a culture dish or test-tube.

IVF Single Try – In Vitro Fertilization Treatment Package includes: • Ultrasonography exams • Physician consultations • Ovum pick-up (egg collection) • Anesthesia • Embryology laboratory services • Embryo transfer The cost of the medications may vary according to the age and the state of the ovarian reserve of the patient. The whole process will take about 15-17 days. (+/-2 days). The patient will receive injection approximately 10 days. Two days after the last injection, the egg collection (OPU) procedure will be performed, and depending on the number of embryos available, 2-5 days after OPU the embryo transfer will take place. Next day the patient is fit to fly. The total stay in the country is going to be 16-18 days. During this period, patient will have to make visits of 15-20 minutes to the hospital once every two or three days.

This package is for a IVF Single Try – In Vitro Fertilization Treatment Package. Please note the procedures that are not on this list are not included in the IVF – Single try package such as: diagnostic studies, medications, consultations with additional specialists and cost of complication, management; travel, food and lodging.

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