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You Are What you Eat – The Health Behind Aeroponics

“Globalization” increasingly is about the converging environmental crises of the 21st century instead of about the world’s ever more globally interconnected economy.
Cases in point: Anthropogenic climate change, the continuing avalanche of the human population explosion, the looming global food crisis, intensive chemical farming practices and soil depletion, and California’s long-term drought. As these crises and challenges worsen, they are accelerating creative solutions — in the case of agriculture and food, the aeroponics-enabled water-wise and soil-less vertical greenhouse farm-in-the-city trend. Urban farmers are growing herbs, strawberries, tomatoes, and more in soil-less aeroponics tower gardens in small backyard and spacious warehouses, on balconies and high-rise rooftops, and in high-tech greenhouses. Continue reading

Herbs and Spices are Good for Your Health

Herbs and spices, common when referring to food (especially buckets of fried chicken) but what are herbs and spices and can they promote good health?  Herbs are the green leafy parts of a plant and they are included in culinary, medicinal and spiritual practices. Spices, used in small amounts, are the seeds, berries, bark, root, fruit or other parts of the plant. Continue reading

How Much Do You Know About Food Dyes?

Do you like rainbow-colored fruit snacks?  Do your kids choose cereals with bright colors, florescent yogurt or sugary beverages? Many people, especially children, are drawn to these artificially dyed foods and now, Americans are consuming five times as much food coloring as we did in 1955. Continue reading

The 5-Second Rule

We have all been there. You dropped some food on the floor and you still want to eat it but maybe someone yelled “5-second rule”. This “rule” says that food is alright to eat if it has been on the floor for five seconds or less.

Well, believe it or not but scientists have tested the 5-second rule and it Continue reading

The Challenges of Beating Obesity 101

Did you know that people who are considered obese are more likely to be depressed, miss school or work, feel suicidal, earn less, or find it difficult to marry? To add to this, obese people spend about 42 percent more than healthy-weight people on medical care each year. Continue reading