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Steer Clear of White Foods – Weight loss – No White Foods Diet

If you are ready to shed a few extra pounds, you may be tempted to try anything to shape up. Perhaps you’ve tried a fad diet or renewed your gym membership, but have you considered avoiding white foods with the No White Food Diet? Continue reading

Food Affects Mood Through Chemicals in Your Brain Called Neurotransmitters

Food affects the chemicals in our brain these chemicals are called neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters control several of the body’s functions including mood, appetite, thoughts, feelings and our behaviors. Continue reading

HCG And The FDA Warning On The HCG Diet

Quick, name three fad diets! Chances are you have named at least six as they are abundant. From Atkins to the Zone, Americans have tried them all for rapid weight loss. Nearly two-thirds of the country’s population are considered overweight and have resorted to a quick fix diet. One of which is the hCG diet. Continue reading

Which is Better a Food Diet or Diet Food?

Summer has arrived but If the thought of putting on a bikini makes you think of diet food, then it’s time to consider eating a healthy food diet. Fad diets do result in quick weight loss, but only if you follow them religiously. If the diet food isn’t tasty or convenient, then it is difficult to maintain. Continue reading