Summer has arrived

But if the thought of putting on a bikini makes you think of diet food. Then it’s time to consider eating a healthy food diet. Fad diets do result in quick weight loss, but only if you follow them religiously. If the diet food isn’t tasty or convenient, then it is difficult to maintain.

Selecting foods that are good for you can be the right decision for healthy, long-term results. For example, fresh fruits and vegetables can be filling and delicious, giving your body what it needs to move through the day.

What to Avoid

  • Pasta or baked goods made from white flour.
  • Chips and pretzels.
  • Sugary snacks and soda.
  • Canned and processed food.
  • Processed meats (hot dogs, bacon, and sausages.)
  • Fried foods.

What Foods Should fill Up Your Fridge

  • Lean meats and fish.
  • Whole grain bread and pasta.
  • Brightly colored fruits and vegetables (The closer a food is to its natural state, the better it is for your body.)
  • Low-fat milk, soy milk, and 100-percent fruit and vegetable juices.
  • Nuts, dried fruits, and healthy snacks.
  • Healthy cooking oils (canola and olive oil.)
  • Nuts, legumes, and seeds.

A variety of foods will give your body all the vitamins and minerals it needs to function properly. Get plenty of water throughout the day. If you drink alcohol, do so in moderation. (One drink for women and two for men.)

You will need discipline, patience, and perhaps some lifestyle changes to see the results of healthy eating. They do not show up overnight. To achieve the best results, consider asking yourself the following questions:

When do you eat?

Most people find that eating on a normal schedule gives them peace of mind and certainty. Their bodies get used to the meal schedule.

Do you plan your meals?

Planning meals eliminates that “grab anything” feeling when your tummy is rumbling with hunger. If you plan a weekly menu of food for diet needs, you’ll find your consumption of healthy foods increases.

What are your grocery shopping habits?

Do you shop when you’re hungry? If so, you may want to try shopping when you’re not so tempted by frosted, colorful treats. Stay on the outside of the store as the healthier food choices are in the produce, dairy, bakery, and deli sections.

Why do you eat?

Are you filling your plate because you are feeling sad or depressed or because your body is hungry?

Do you eat at home or dine out?

Restaurant food is full of fat and calories. You will have a much faster weight loss success if you make your own meals at home. There are a number of cookbooks that give you tasty recipes that are good for your body. If eating out is a must, select a restaurant that offers healthy menu items and moderate portion sizes.

What do you enjoy cooking?

Is there a favorite dish you love to make? Perhaps trading out some of the fatty ingredients with healthy substitutions will be a win-win dining experience.

Do you skip meals?

Skipping a meal throws off your body’s metabolism and causes it to slip into an unnatural state. Most people then reach for an energy booster that is filled with sugar and fat. If you are not hungry when mealtime rolls around, simply grab a snack.

What size do portions fill your plate?

Portion size can make all the difference in the world. Our stomachs hold about 2 cups of food for diet needs at any given meal.

Eat a variety of foods and avoid eating the same foods day after day. A wide array of food will give your body much-needed nutrients.

Be sure to balance a healthy food diet with daily exercise and physical activity. For maximum results, start implementing one change a week. You will want to build a lifestyle filled with healthy choices and benefits.

Which is Better a Food Diet or Diet Food?

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