There are natural ways your body reports the condition of your health

It has ways of letting you know that you may be suffering from important nutrient deficiencies, cancers and other medical conditions.

Your Body Is Telling You About Your Health


Yellow nails can point to lung cancer and diabetes. Discolored, peeling, jagged cuticles and bruising can indicate vitamin deficiencies.


According to Dr. Jordan S. Josephson, “In Chinese medicine they believe that the tongue actually reflects all the diseases of the body.”


If your hair is not full, shiny and full of luster with flakes and suffers from damage and frizz, then it may be telling you something about your habits or your health. Hair that falls out excessively may indicate iron deficiencies or thyroid disease.

Bowel movements

Your gastrointestinal tract is a useful barometer of your overall health.


The color, smell and frequency of your urine is a good indicator of what is going on in your body.

The lighter the better. You could be dehydrated if your urine is dark. If it is sweet smelling, you may be consuming too much sugar.

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