Restricting the number of calories consumed on a daily basis

Is more effective than exercise at lowering the body’s core temperature, a physiological state associated with increased life expectancy, according to a study in the journal Aging.

Restricting calories on a daily basis is more effective than exercise

Calorie restriction is better than exercise for increased life expectancy.

Research has shown that calorie restriction increases lifespan in rodents and primates.

Lowering core temperature has also been shown to increase lifespan in men. Little is known, however, about long-term calorie restriction on body temperature.

This U.S.-led study compared the core body temperatures of 24 subjects on a long-term, calorie-restricted diet, 24 lean endurance runners on a high-calorie Western diet, and 24 sedentary men and women, also on a Western diet. Ingested telemetric capsules measured their 24-hour core temperatures.

Results showed the core temperature of calorie-restricted subjects was 0.2 degrees Celsius lower than the other two groups, which researchers said was significant. The calorie-restricted group consumed about 23% fewer calories than the sedentary subjects and 37% fewer calories than the exercise subjects. Researchers speculated the metabolic changes resulting from a reduction in core temperature may slow the rate of aging.

Subjects in the calorie-restricted group were members of the Calorie Restriction Society, who practice severe calorie restriction, believing it will significantly increase their health and longevity.

It’s possible that calorie-restricted subjects randomly chosen from the general population might have different results.

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