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In Country Coordination and Concierge Services


World Med Net India provides this optional in-country medical coordination and concierge services. We provide you a complete service package to add to any of our medical trips.

This optional Service Package Includes 7 days of providing these services:

– Hospital Admission.
– Translation Services.
– Hotel Accommodations.
– Patient Follow-Ups.
– Maintain communication with the client at all periods in time.
– Greet the client at the airport.
– Arrange private transportation to the hotel.
– Checking the client into their hotel.
– Transporting the client to all medical visits and surgeries.
– Provide their residential expertise to clients on local culture, customs, local restaurants, shopping, and spa facilities.
– Provide baggage assistance at the airport and make certain that the client safely boards the plane- Arrange for medical assistance at the airport when necessary.
– Interpreter Assistance.
– Provision for foreign currency exchange.
– Local mobile number and handset availability. Calls are charged separately.