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Specialty Surgeon Complete Packaged Procedure


Specialty Surgeon Complete Packaged Procedure for a Full Face Lift – Rhytidectomy. The Physician performs the facelift using the harmonic scalpel, which gives a more precise and delicate cut, only a few surgeons in the world use it for plastic surgery as it was invented for urological use. The hyperbolic chambers included in the price helps the swelling and bruising go away quickly and with the overall recovery of the patient after the Full Face Lift – Rhytidectomy.

Accommodation and transportation can be provided from the airport, hotel, clinic for the evaluation appointment and back to the hotel, to the clinic the day of the surgery and after the one night in the hospital, back to the hotel, and to the clinic twice for the hyperbolic chambers and discharge appointment, back to the hotel and to the airport.

Included in Clinic and Hospital costs are:

– Preoperatory exams: X-Ray, Blood tests, Electrocardiogram, and Surgical valorization.
– Pre and Post medications (non-generic)
– 4 lymphatic drainage massages
– Post-op controls
– Discharge appointment with Physician
– Pre anesthesia
– 1 hour in the recovery room
– 1 Night hospitalization
– All medical supplies during that period
– 3 Hyperbaric Chamber sessions.

This treatment package for a Full Face Lift – Rhytidectomy the cost includes the facility fee, physician’s fee, cost of drugs, and any related medical procedures required to administer the plan of care. Not included are other diagnostic studies, consultations with additional specialists, and cost of complication management; travel, food, and lodging.

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