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The Cost of Private Health Insurance – Rebate or Increase

Nearly 13 million Americans have gotten, or will soon be getting, rebates from their health insurance companies. This is because of a provision in the Affordable Care Act that’s supposed to force insurance companies to run better. Continue reading

Invest in Your Health – Your Best Bet Invest In Yourself

Who do you think will save your life? The health insurance industry? Guess again. Fifty million people have none. Fifty million are on Medicaid. Tens of millions have “catastrophic” insurance – something that might work just before personal annihilation. Continue reading

Health Insurance Rate Hikes One By One

About 75,000 Iowans shortly will accept bad news in their mail box. The state’s largest health insurance provider wants to lift their premiums by an average of 9.35 percent. Another 5 States are seeing increases from another health insurance provider. Continue reading

Rapidly Rising Health Insurance Costs Strain Families and Employers

Rapidly rising health insurance costs continue to strain the budgets of U.S. families and employers. The Commonwealth Fund, a private organization has issued a brief analyzes of changes in private employer-based health premiums and deductibles for all states from 2003 to 2010, Continue reading

Health Benefit Costs and Insurance Premiums Increase

The cost for businesses to buy health coverage for workers rose the most this year since 2005 and may reach $32,175 for a family in 2021, according to a survey of private and public employers. Continue reading