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The Americas Differences in Health Care Systems

With the U.S. health care system in flux, many Americans are looking beyond their borders for alternative solutions. Safety and affordability are two of the biggest concerns for patients considering a global option. That is why hundreds of health care systems in Central America and South America have stepped up their services to offer world-class medical attention. Continue reading

What Does a Medical Tourism Facilitator REALLY Do?

Medical tourism is a $100 billion dollar industry with over 60 countries offering some type of medical tourism service. With such market saturation, how does  one forge their way through the medical travel jungle of options? You find a Medical Tourism Facilitator to help guide you through the process.   Continue reading

What is Health Solutions Technology – Medical Information Technology or Medical Technology

Are you looking for a solution to those clinical and administrative challenges that plague a transfer of records? If so, Health Solutions Technology could be exactly what the doctor ordered as it is a perfectly customizable solution to handling all of your Electronic Health Record (EHR) transfers. Health Solutions Technology works wonders for those small and mid-sized firms, family, or multi-specialty facilities needing a medical information technology solution at their fingertips. Continue reading

Medical Travel Benefits Package – The Employee Benefits and Business Benefits

Medical Travel can be the most exciting adventure one can take, especially when it’s to resolve a health issue. You can learn and experience so much about other cultures, but what happens when things go wrong. Problems with accommodations, transportation, theft, car accidents or even lost luggage, this can be taken care of, but what if it concerns your health?  Get the peace of mind only a medical travel benefits package can bring when planning a personal or business medical trip. Continue reading

Invest in Your Health – Your Best Bet Invest In Yourself

Who do you think will save your life? The health insurance industry? Guess again. Fifty million people have none. Fifty million are on Medicaid. Tens of millions have “catastrophic” insurance – something that might work just before personal annihilation. Continue reading

The Top Challenges for a Health Care Business Model

These challenging issues our global: analysis of regulations by government, economic issues, competition, cooperation and collaboration, technology, social media and security are the areas in need of a complete new look. Continue reading