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The MTM web of information and a MTM Health Coach provide a catered service experience of MTM products and services. A Health Care Team by your choice will help create and complete a treatment package. Our Global Partners, Health Providers and Health Coaches network together in preparing your Treatment Package.

MTM assigns a Health Coach Manager with each client and their Treatment Application, this begins the building of your Health Team. Your MTM Health Coach will create a Member Portal and begin to design your Treatment Package.

The MTM Health Team is a combination of

  • You
  • Your Primary Care Physician
  • MTM Health Coach Manager
  • MTM Health Coach
  • MTM Providers
  • Network Doctor, Physician, Dentist
  • Network Hospital Administrator
  • Network Affiliates
  • The MTM web

The MTM e-Catalog provides specific information on products, prices, packages, providers and destinations in Global Health Care - Medical Travel - Medical Tourism

Register as a member to review the prices, calculate budgets, build Treatment Packages, get quotations and purchase products

Team Work


Health Solutions