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When you have approved your treatment options, a Health Team will be assigned to build your customized Treatment Package. Your Health Coach and Health Team will be responsible for preparing your Treatment Package: contracts, itinerary, arranging any necessary visas, booking flights, and assisting with any other travel needs such as travel insurance, complication insurance, international calling cards, cell phones at destination, required vaccinations, understanding dietary preferences, arranging your entire hospital stay, pre and post procedure accommodations and booking optional wellness treatments.

Your personal Health Team will coordinate the entire process before your departure, take care of all your personal needs while in your destination, and follow-up with you on your return home. Your Wellness Concierge will meet you at the airport, escort you to the hospital or resort and assist you throughout your stay. Optional MTM Services provide you with a cell phone so you can be in touch with us and your family at home. Your Wellness Concierge will be fluent in your language and the host countries language.

Example of a Customized Treatment Package


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