Why Would I even Consider Going out of my Home Country for Treatments?

Consumers want access to specialists, experienced physicians/doctors, hospitals, private health care facilities, new medical techniques, and second opinions that may not be provided in their home country.

Affordability is the second reason. Many medical procedures (i.e. heart bypass, joint replacement, spinal disc repair, Lasik eye surgery, lap band weight reduction surgery, cosmetic, dentistry, and wellness) cost half to 70% less abroad, depending on the country. Those huge savings can make the cost of major and minor medical care affordable for anyone required to pay out of pocket for treatments.

This includes:

  • Travel for medical procedures to save on costs.
  • People without health insurance.
  • Individuals whose insurance has large deductibles and co-pays resulting in out-of-pocket expenses for domestic surgery that would exceed the entire cost (medical plus travel) of treatments abroad.
  • People seeking care not covered by insurance.
  • Personal medical saving accounts, where cost control is essential.
  • Citizens of countries with national Health Care systems requiring long waits for non-emergency surgery.
  • People looking for second opinions or evaluations.
  • Ex-patriots living outside of their country in need of treatments.
  • Businesses seeking lower-cost solutions in their health care plans.
  • Global business travelers in need of treatments.
  • Employers that self insure their employee’s health care.
  • Group wellness exams and stress retreats.
  • Insurers looking for international solutions to the rising cost of health care
  • Insurers providing optional consumer choices in coverage.
Why Would I even Consider Going out of my Home Country for Treatments?

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