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Medical CityWhat are Medical Cities? International Medical Cities are MTM Partners, Hospitals, Physicians in the Global Health Care Network around the world. The concept of a medical or health city is often a misunderstood term. A cluster of hospitals, a holistic healthcare center, a large hospital sprawled across acres of land? Certainly, but it doesn't end here. In simpler terms, the difference between a hospital and a medical city is as vast as the difference between a corner shop and a mega-store. What you won't find at the shop, you will be certain to get at the store.

In what could be the beginning of a international medical renaissance, medical cities could change the way medical education, research and development is conducted, taking it from public to private to corporate. Once individual international hospitals, are now combined each to provide specific areas of treatment, shared expenses and lower costs to the patient. The MTM Support Portal begins the process of developing your health team. Your MTM Health Coach will provide access on the MTM Web of one or Several JCI Hospitals in the regions below. Our network data base contains a listing of each specialty, doctor and biography of that doctor or surgeon.

Information on your Medical City MTM Partners is provided once your Treatment Package Application is submitted and reviewed with an MTM Health Coach.

Medical Cities

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