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web-plataformThe MTM web has a general public section, a private section for Members - Health Coaches and a private section for Clients - Partners - Providers.

We provide our Clients with access to information on world wide hospitals, wellness centers, medical physicians, dentistry, dental procedures and optional treatments within the MTM e-Catalog and Global Provider Network.

Members can submit articles in the MTM Community and MTM Blog, have access to other tools and information, create a health portal with a MTM Health Coach and access the member library for Free.

Web User provisions:

  • The MTM web is the combination of fourteen interactive cloud based platforms to provide you the Medical Treatments Management Experience of Global Health Care.
  • To provide for ease of reading you can adjust the size of the sites text represented by A+ A A-.
  • The sites search box only searches our site, by the key words you enter.
  • Our web translator is set for many languages, it may take time to completely translate and may not be a perfect translation.
  • The Member Login request for a simple registration with email confirmation to create an Account and user name for pricing and member access.
  • Users and Providers information is help securely from spam and spam bots with a human slide protection at login.
  • The Medical Treatments Management Provider Network contains a googol of Global Health Care related information.
  • For Questions or Online Support visit the Communication Center please review the MTM Disclaimer at the bottom of each page.
  • At the bottom of each page is your social toolbar, drop and drag pictures, links, copied text or even articles to share on your favorite social media.
  • We have provided a back button at the bottom of each page for ease of navigation.