Two Nobel Biocare Titanium Dental Implant – Mexico


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Specialty Surgeon Complete Packaged Procedure


Cosmetic Dentistry Complete Packaged Procedure for Two Nobel Biocare Titanium Dental Implant in Mexico.

This implant system allows the Nobel Biocare immediate loading of the coronas individually, provided and when the implants the bone to a torque of 35 Neutrons or more, if it is not possible will remain the implants liabilities during 4 months in the lower dental arch and 6 Months in the upper arch by placing interim during this time of Osseo integration.

The patient will need at least 6 nights 7 days stay. For a 4 day appointment as follows:
– 1st day Mold, X-ray and bone polling
– 2nd day Free for excursions
– 3rd day Placement of Implant and crown provisional
– 4th day Free for excursions
– 5th day Free for excursions
– 6th day Final placement of crown
– 7th day Details and final adjustments

This package of Two Nobel Biocare Titanium Dental Implant includes:
– By X-rays. (All the necessary)
– Study molds (upper and lower)
– Bone scans (polling of the bone)
– Waxing diagnosis (as will be the teeth after posts)
– Surgical Guides.
– Honorary Fellow of the chemical for the removal of blood from a patient.
– Plasma rich in growth factors bone PRGF (BTI Endoret)
– Lyophilized Human bone.
– 2 Implants (Nobel Biocare, BTI, 3I)
– Titanium Abutmen. (Journal)
– Nm. setscrew
– Nm. Setscrew temporary crowns.

Also included in the Package:
– 4 star Hotel for 6 nights 7 days, 2 adults and 2 minors under 5 years.
– Transportation r/t Airport – Hotel and Hotel – Airport
– Transportation r/t Hotel – Clinic and Clinic – Hotel

These package is subject to space availability and off (high) season.
This package can be adjusted from 1 to up to 10 dental implants per visit. Cost will vary depending on the amount of implants.

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